Schadenfreude - parentfic

  • Katarina Muhlfeld born

  • Werner Muhlfeld born

  • Klaus von Brandt born

  • Amalia and Lilli Sachs born

  • Isabel Janvier born

  • Werner begins Kindergarten

  • Klaus, Lilli, and Amalia start Kindergarten

  • Lilli and Amalia meet Klaus

    Lilli and Klaus become friends, but Amalia refuses to speak to anyone but her sister
  • Werner begins primary school

  • Period: to

    Primary school (Werner)

  • Werner's first part in a play

    he plays his mother's son for one scene; he is in a few more plays before secondary school
  • Klaus, Lilli, and Amalia begin primary school

  • Period: to

    Primary school (K, L, A)

    1970-1976 for Werner
    1971-1977 for Klaus, Lilli, and Amalia
  • Isabel Janvier begins elementary school

  • Period: to

    Elementary school (Isabel)

  • Amalia and Klaus become friends

    Lilli's out sick, so Klaus, as had become his habit, sits with Amalia at lunch. However, this is the first time that she spoke to him; they become friends.
  • Klaus and Amalia become best friends

    Lilli is put in a different class from Klaus and Amalia, as per Amalia's mother's request that the girls spend some time apart; Amalia and Klaus become best friends.
  • Werner begins part one of secondary school („Gymnasium“)

  • Period: to

    Gymnasium (Werner)

    p. i.: 1976-9
    p. ii.: 1979-83
  • Werner's first girlfrend

    this doesn't go farther than making out.
  • Klaus, Amalia, and Lilli begin part I of secondary school („Gymnasium“)

  • Period: to

    Gymnasium (K, A, L)

  • Isabel begins middle school («collège»)

  • Period: to

    Middle school «collège» (Isabel)

  • Lilli's first date (and kiss)

    With a boy from her class who she's rather fond of; it goes well, and they kiss.
  • Klaus and Amalia's first kiss

    Amalia, envious of Lilli's first kiss, orders Klaus to kiss her as a "friend-kiss", which he does.
  • Werner loses his virginity

    with another (more experienced) girlfriend
  • Werner begins part two of secondary school

  • Isabel Janvier begins high school («lycée»)

  • Period: to

    Lycée (Isabel)

  • Werner stars as the protagonist for the first time

    the play is performed by a local theatre company
  • Amalia and Klaus have sex

    Amalia, envious of Lilli again, asks Klaus to have sex with her "just as friends"; refuses to go out with him because he's 1. not attractive enough for her standards and 2. her mother desperately wants her daughters to marry someone with a "von" title, i.e. Klaus
  • Klaus, Lilli, and Amalia begin part two of secondary school

  • Werner finishes Gymnasium

    he has managed to maintain a B average while acting and flirting with girls - admittedly, he does not focus much on his school work at all until the final year
  • Werner sits his Arbitur

    he passes with excellent marks
  • Werner begins classes at the Freie Universität Berlin

    he studies Theatre
  • Werner and Kristina's father, Nicklaus, dies in a car accident

    Werner is in the car with his father; this leaves him with rather severe psychological trauma (for which he goes to therapy) and a fear of riding in cars, as well as causing him to drop out of university for a year.
  • Amalia discovers that she's pregnant

    she tells Klaus, and mentions that she's planning on getting an abortion. Klaus, however, is not pleased with this decision and asks her to reconsider (and says that he'll take full responsibility for the baby). Amalia refuses.
  • Isabel graduates from Lycée and passes her BAC

  • Klaus, Lilli, and Amalia finish Gymnasium

    Klaus earning A's in everthing but science and maths (low B's)
    Amalia earning A's and B's.
    Lilli earning B's and some C's.
  • Klaus, Amalia, and Lilli, sit and pass their Arbitur

    Klaus earns the best marks, as Amalia is a bit distracted (although she does earn good marks as well).
    They all pass.
  • Amalia gets an abortion

    Klaus is furious (as he reasons that it was his baby, too) and refuses to speak to her. This continues for nearly six months.
  • Isabel begins studying to be a chef

    she attends the best culinary school in Paris, as her grandfather, who was a famous stage actor in the 1920s-30s wants her to get the best education in her field that she can.
  • Period: to

    Culinary school (Isabel)

  • K, A, L begin (and W resumes) studying at the Freie Uni Berlin

    Klaus studies law with a minor in history
    Amalia studies history with a minor in fashion (despite the fact that she is excellent with science and mathematics).
    Lilli studies economics.
    Werner continues to study theatre.
  • Period: to

    University (Werner)

    He does drop out once his mother dies, and he did attend for a week in the fall of 1983 before his fahter died, but that wouldn't really fit into the timespan properly
  • Period: to

    University (Klaus)

    He studies Law with a minor in History at Freie Universität Berlin
  • Period: to

    University (Amalia and Lilli)

    Amalia studies history and fashion merchandising
    Lilli studies to be a teacher
  • Klaus and Amalia make up

    At Lilli's continued insistence, Klaus talks to Amalia. She all but throws herself at him and begs him not to leave her again (keep in mind that Klaus is one of two actual friends that Amalia has, and the only one who makes her first priority); offers to marry him, but he refuses because he realises that she doesn't ACTUALLY want to marry him. Overall, they make up; later they try to ignore the fact that any of that ever happened.
  • Period: to

    Werner studies abroad in Paris

    (he does stay a bit longer to wait for Isabel to finish up her courses)
  • Werner meets Isabel in Paris

    after she showed him where the theatre was, they decide to go on a date.
  • Isabel finishes culinary school; recieves her «Grand Diplome»

  • Werner and Isabel marry

  • Werner and Kristina's mother, Atsuko, dies

    Werner is completely unable to function, so Isabel formally withdraws him from university. He never returns to finish his degree.
  • Lilli maries Tom Collins

  • Isabel and Werner's first daughter, Liane, is born.

  • Klaus sits his first Staatsexamen; passes

    (the actual exam apparently takes two weeks, hence the timespan)
  • Klaus finishes studying at the university

  • Period: to

    Klaus's first Staatsexamen

  • Klaus moves into his own house

    it formerly belonged to his great-uncle
  • Period: to

    Klaus's "practical experience"

  • Amalia and Lilli complete studying at the university

  • Werner and Isabel's son, Ross, is born

  • Amalia is coerced into marrying Berthold Hauser

  • Lilli and Tom's daughter, Rebekka, is born

  • Amalia and Klaus's daughter, Liesa, is born

    Klaus decides to stay home and care for her for his three year leave, however, he also decides to take the Staatsexamen in the meantime, so that he can recieve his certification
  • Klaus's second Staatsexamen

  • Werner and Isabel's youngest daughter, Felicie, is born

  • Isabel Muhlfeld dies

  • Werner Muhlfeld dies

  • Liane, Ross, and Felicie go to live with their Aunt Kristina in Munich

  • Amalia dies

  • Klaus leaves

  • Klaus comes back