Samuel Chase

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In History
  • Samuel Chases' birth

    Samuel Chase was born in Princess Anne, Maryland on the 17th of april in 1741.
  • Samuel marries Ann

    Smauel Chase marries his wife Ann Baldwin.
  • Samuels first child is born

    Samuels wife gives birth to her first child out of the other seven they will have in their lifespan.
  • Sameul Chase was sworn into the supreme court

  • Samuel Chase Impeached

    Samuel Chase is being impaced because Thomas Jefferson and others where tired of him preaching federalist things to others on the supreme court. He wound up not losing his seat on the court because of Aaron Burr.
  • Samuel Chases' Death

  • Period: to

    Sameul Chase in the US supreme count

    He was nominated my George Washington on January 26th and the Senate accepted the nomination the next day.