Samuel Adams

  • Samuel Adams was born in Boston Massachusetts.

     Samuel Adams was born in Boston Massachusetts.
    Samuel Adams was born on September 27,1722 in Boston,Massachusetts to Mary Adams and Samuel Adams senior.
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    Samuel Adams

  • Enrolled in Harvard

     Enrolled in Harvard
    He joined the college of Harvard when he was only 14.He was 6 th best in his class.
  • Graduated from Harvard

    Graduated from Harvard
    After 7 years of college,Samuel Adams graduated from Harvard with a Masters Degree.
  • Boston Clerk

    Boston Clerk
    After he finished college,he became a Boston clerk, which was his first political position.
  • Independent advisor

    Independent advisor
    Iaunched the independent advisor (news paper) with the help of his friends.This news paper talked about what was happening in Boston.
  • Tax collector

    Tax collector
    Samuel Adams became a tax collector.He wasnt very good at this job and got into debt.
  • Sugar act

    Sugar act
    Samuel Adams protested against the sugar act because he thought it was unfair for the public.
  • Boston tea party

    Boston tea party
    Samuel Adams orginized the Boston tea party and lead it.
  • Member of the provincial council

    Member of the provincial council
    He was elected as the member/leader of the provincial council during the period of Boston crisis.
  • Declaration of Independence.

    Declaration of Independence.
    Samuel Adams helped draft and sign the Declaration of Independence.
  • Leader of state convention.

    Leader of state convention.
    Samuel Adams was elected leader of the state convention to form a constitution.
  • Died

    Samuel Adams died of a sickness when he was 81.He died on October 2,1803 in Massachusetts.