First band

roy orbison

  • birth of roy orbison

    birth of roy orbison
    roy orbison was born at 3:30 in vernon, texas.
  • roy gets his own show

    roy gets his own show
    Roy wins talent contest on Radio KVWC in Vernon, TX and gets own Saturday Show this year.
  • moviing residences

    Late 1946 the Orbison family moves west to Wink, TX.
  • roy forms his first band

    roy forms his first band
    Roy forms his first band, which included James Morrow on guitar.
  • high school dropout

     high school dropout
    In 1954, Orbison graduated from Wink High School and went on to attend North Texas State College in Denton, Texas, for a year before enrolling at Odessa Junior College in 1955.
  • "only the lonely"

    "only the lonely"
    Roy’s song-writing collaboration with Texan Joe Melson included the breakthrough record, Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel); a pure gold fusion of R&B and country which narrowly missed out on hitting number one in America. In Britain, however, it didn’t just top the charts but remained in the Top 40 for nearly 6 months. Only The Lonely is, of course, the song regarded by many as the starting point of Roy’s classic ballad sound.
  • first performance in the united kingdom

    Roy’s first public performance in the UK at the Mayfair’s Wesbury Hotel. Fan club members and journalists attend
  • 1st child

    wesley orbison
  • "oh, pretty woman"

    "oh, pretty woman"
    “Oh, Pretty Woman” tops the US Charts for 3 weeks, as well as charts all over the world.
  • 2nd child

    2nd child
    roy kelton orbison
  • claudette dies in a motorcycle accident

    As Roy and Claudette are riding their motorcycles through Hendersonville, TN, Claudette is fatally struck in an intersection by a passing truck.
  • roy meets barbra

    roy meets barbra
    While on tour in Great Britain, Roy meets a beautiful 18 year old Barbara Anne Marie Wellhoner Jakobs
  • tragic fire at roys home

    tragic fire at roys home
    Fire at Roy’s house in Hendersonville takes place while Roy is on tour in England. 2 of Roy’s sons, Roy DeWayne and Anthony King Orbison die in the fire
  • marriage

    roy got married to barbra
  • 3rd child

    alexander orbison
  • 4th child

    anothony king orbison
  • heart surgery

    Roy undergoes open heart surgery at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, TN.
  • first grammy award

    Roy wins a Grammy for “Best Country Performance by Duo of Group with Vocal” for the duet “That Lovin’ You Feelin’ Again” with Emmylou Harris
  • BMI certifcate

    for “That Lovin’ You Feelin’ Again” and “Crying.”
  • moving residence

    roy moves to malibu, california
  • roy orbison death

    roy orbison death
    roy died at age 52 roy orbison died of a heart attack.