Roshawna Henry

  • Born

    Antoine was born in Paris on August 26th, 1743.
  • Period: to

    The Revolution of Chemistry

  • Law

    He was expeted to follow in his father's footsteps and even obtained his liscence to practice law before turning to a life of science.
  • Paper

    Lavoisier wrote and published a paper on how to improve the street lighting in Paris.
  • Geology

    From 1763 to 1767 Lavoisier studied geology under Jean Etienne Guettard.
  • Royal Academy of Science

    Royal Academy of Science
    For some of his works in agriculture, he was elected into the Royal Academy of Science and joined the Farmer's General, a private company that collected taxes and tariffs for the government.
  • Married: Marie-Anne-Pierette Paulze

    Married: Marie-Anne-Pierette Paulze
    Lavoisier married the daughter of a Farmer General, Jaques Paulze.
  • Nobility

    In 1772, Lavoisier's father bought him a title of nobility.
  • Gunpowder

    He was made one of four commissioners of gunpowder appointed to replace a private company, similar to the Tax Farm.
  • Combustion

    Lavoisier developed the theory of combustion.
  • Estate & Paper

    Estate & Paper
    In 1777 Lavoisier bought an estate of Frenchies near Blois, and published a paper on respiration.
  • Secretary

    Lavoisier was appointed as secretary to the Government's committee on agriculture.
  • Periodic Table of Elements

    Periodic Table of Elements
    Lavoisier wrote the first extensive list of elements (33 elements) including metals and non-metals.
  • Meaurements

    As a member of the temporary Commission on weights and measurements, he played an important role in planning for the metric system.
  • Executed

    All of the Farmer's General was arrested and thrown in prison. They were then sentenced to execution and their bodies were thrown into a common grave.