Robin Collins

  • Beginnings

    Robin Collins is a philosophy professor. He specializes in philosophy of science, philosophical theology, philosophy of religion & metaphysics. Hes written almost forty articles about these topics and gone to colleges and universities to discuss those issues relating with God and the cosmos. Hes had articles published with Routledge, Cambridge University, Oxford University Press, Blackwell and Cambridge University Press. He has also made appearances on Christian and secular media.
  • Education

    Robin Collins has written books about atonement, the relation between the mind and body, the nature of prayer, the philosophy of quantum mechanics, and a plethora of other subjects relating to philosophy of science and religion. He has a bachelor's degree in physics and a bachelor's of arts degree in Mathematics from Washington State University back in 1984. He has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame back in 1993.
  • Present

    Robin Collins is alive to this day. He is a professor at Messiah University and teaches philosophy, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, issues pertaining to science and religion, Christian Apologetic's and a Metaphysics classes. Today, he is working on two books. One of the books he is writing talks about is the philosophical case from fine tuning to divine creation and the other book he is writing is a detailed analysis of the evidence for fine tuning.
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    Educational Video:
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