Ritchie valens

  • Born Richard Steven Valenzuela

    Born Richard Steven Valenzuela
    Born Richard Steven Valenzuela in 1941
  • Dreaming

    Ritchie Valens would have dreams that he died in a plane crash
  • First Group

    First Group
    At 16, Valens joined his first band, the Silhouettes.
  • Del-Fi Records

    Del-Fi Records
    In May 1958, Bob Keane, the owner and President of Del-Fi Records, a small Hollywood record label, was given a tip by San Fernando High student Doug Macchia about a young performer from Pacoima by the name of Richard Valenzuela .
  • First Song

    First Song
    The first songs recorded at Gold Star Studios, at a single studio session one afternoon in July 1958, were "Come On, Let's Go,"
  • He Dies

    He Dies
    The plane, a three-passenger Beechcraft Bonanza, departed for Fargo, North Dakota, and crashed shortly after takeoff in a snow storm. The crash killed all three passengers and the pilot.