Reactions to Neoclassicism 1800-1850

  • Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo was a French poet, novelist and dramatist in. He was born on February 26th 1803. He was on of the most important French romance writers in the 19 century. One of his most known novels was “Notre-Dame de Paris”
  • Hiram Powers

    Hiram Powers
    He was born in 1804. He was a neoclassical sculptor and was the first person to gain an international reputation.
  • Covent Garden Theater

    Covent Garden Theater
    The Covent Garden Theater was a British theater that had many performances taken place at. Sadly in September 20 1803 it caught on fire almost burning the theaters down around it.
  • Georg Büchner

    Georg Büchner
    Georg Büchner was a German dramatist and writer. One of his known novels “Danton’s Death“ brought the French resolution.
  • “Notre-Dame de Paris”

    “Notre-Dame de Paris”
    The novel was published in 1831. It is a romantic novel about the hunchback of Notre Dame and his lover. It is set in Paris in the 15th century. The main character the hunchback is known to Paris as being the “ugly hunchback guy”. The title of the novel “Notre-Dame de Paris” means our lady of Paris. Which sums up the novel that the hunchback finds love at the end.
  • “Hernani”

    Written by Victor Hugo the novel changed the view of neoclassical. It changed the rules by using different languages and behaviors
  • “Danton’s Death“

    “Danton’s Death“
    “Danton’s Death was Georg Büchner’s first play that he wrote. It’s a drama about the French Revolution and how the main character Danton had a lot of the same characteristics as people in real life in the 1830s
  • George Washington Sculpture

    George Washington Sculpture
    This sculpture was also one of Hiram powers sculptures that was finished In 1838. The bust of Washington was based off of a portrait.
  • Neoclassicism

    Neoclassicism was a big thing in the 17th and 18th centuries. It only lasted up until the last 1840s. Neoclassicism was a movement that had all types of art within. It used Greek and Roman models as perfection.
  • The Greek Slave

    The Greek Slave
    The Greek slave was one of Hiram Powers first sculptures. It was completed in 1843