Pride and Prejudice Major Events

  • Mr Bingley moves into town.

  • First ball.

    Jane and Bingley meet for the first time.
    Lizzie and Darcy meet for the first time.
  • Jane visits Bingley.

    Jane gets ill and has to stay.
  • Lizzie goes to the Bingley's to see if Jane is OK.

    Darcy falls in love with Lizzie.
  • Mr Collins makes his first appearance.

    A wild Mr Collins has appeared!
  • Mr Wickham makes his first appearance.

    A wild Wickham has appeared!
  • Mr Collins marries Charlotte.

  • Bingley leaves for London.

  • Lizzie visits Charlotte who is now married to and living with Mr Collins.

  • Darcy proposes to Lizzie and is rejected.

  • Darcy writes a letter to Lizzie, telling her that Wickham is a liar.

  • Lydia runs off with Wickham.

  • Darcy pays for Wickham to marry Lydia, stopping the Bennett family of being shamed.

  • Jane and Bingley marry. Lizzie and Darcy marry.