PHIL202 - Timeline Project 1 - Karl Popper - 1902-1994

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  • Birth of Karl Popper and Humble Beginnings

    Birth of Karl Popper and Humble Beginnings
    Karl Popper was born on July 28, 1902. He was born in the historical town of Vienna, Austria to his parents named Simon Popper (Father) and Jenny Schiff (Mother). Karl was the youngest of three siblings and grew up in a family that was rich in history and culture. His dad taught Karl Popper about the foundational workings of philosophy at a very young age, his dad was also a high-powered legal attorney. Karl’s mother taught him the love of music at a very young age seeing she was a pianist.
  • Marxian Beginnings

    Marxian Beginnings
    By early 1919 at age 17, Popper began studying Marxism and became a Marxist. Popper respected Marxism as a social theory arguing that the two social classes, the proletarian (working lower-class) and the bourgeois (rich upper-class) are in constant warfare. Karl Marx created a hypothesis that states once the rich upper class is brought down to the same playing field, everyone would live in peace and harmony.
  • Inspiration through Albert Einstein

    Inspiration through Albert Einstein
    Karl Popper found a key ally and great inspiration through Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity was beginning to make many international headlines. What intrigued Karl Popper, is that Albert Einstein admitted that if he was proven wrong, that he would accept his idea as being falsifiable.
  • Falsification Theory - The Logic of Scientific Discovery

    Falsification Theory - The Logic of Scientific Discovery
    Popper published his first work titled "Logik der Forschung" in the year 1934, later having it translated to English titled "The Logic of Scientific Discovery" in 1959. During this time, Popper was enjoying his career as a high school teacher.
  • President of Aristotelian Society

    President of Aristotelian Society
    From 1958-1959 Popper chaired over the Aristotelian Society.
  • The Logic of Scientific Discovery 1959 Version

    The Logic of Scientific Discovery 1959 Version
    His original 1934 publication of "Logik der Forschung" was published in English as "The Logic of Scientific Discovery" Popper published his works on how theories are not proven as being scientific but remain falsifiable until it is proven law.
  • Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II

    Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
    Becomes knighted by Queen Elizabeth II as "Sir Karl Popper". His lifelong work became so inspiring that he was knighted by the Queen of England.
  • Death of Karl Popper

    Popper died at the age of 92 in Croydon, UK.
  • Popper Methodology and Falsification Explained

    The scientific method proposed by Popper is a product of his epistemological view of knowledge. If we cannot by all means prove the certainty of our statements through observation, and if what is only certain is the presence of errors in them, then what we can only do is to prove the errors in our statements.
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