PHIL202 Timeline 1

  • Karl Popper JUL 28, 1902- SEP 17, 1994

    Karl Popper JUL 28, 1902- SEP 17, 1994
    Karl Popper was a devoted philosopher of natural science during a very interesting time. He believed that science was a constant process of conjectures and refutations and that for a theory to be considered real science, it would have to be able to be disproven through his theory of falsifiability.
  • Karl Popper

    Popper left Vienna in 1937 and took a teaching position at London School of Economics in 1946. While there he continued to work on many other issues in regard to the philosophy of science. Popper published many works upon his arrival to London from 1959 until his death in 1994.
  • Karl Popper

    In 1959 Popper published an earlier book called, "Logik der Forschung" to English. In this book he expanded on the importance of falsification. This publication caused some controversy among the members of the "Vienna Circle"(a group of philosophers established in 1922). At the time, scientist and philosophers focused more on proving theories to be true rather than disproving theories.
  • Karl Popper

    Karl Popper not only dedicated his life to the philosophy of science, but he was one of the most influential philosophers of his time. Even after retiring in 1969, Karl popper continued to influence science by sharing ideas with other philosophers. Karl Popper rejected empirical practices by introducing his theory of falsifiability. This caused philosophers to change their way of going about theories.