Pai Pai and Tess Tess Timeline.

  • The Artist Wins Acadamy Award

    The Artist Wins Acadamy Award
    -He struggled with the end
    -Only silent film that has won
  • Vladimir Putin Elected

    Vladimir Putin Elected
    Exit pulls gave him 60% votes. Called for mass protests in Mascow on Monday. Other 3 canidates were in the single digits.
  • Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee

    Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee
    In UK for past few days, people have been throwing parties. 60th year on throne.
  • London Olympics

    London Olympics
    -Armless archer Matt Stutzman wins a metal in archery
    -Gabby Douglas gets another metal for Facebook fans
  • Period: to

    London Olympics

  • Neil Armstrong Dies

    Neil Armstrong Dies
    Accured on a saturday. Neil Armstrong died at age 82. Neil was one of the 12 people who stepped on the moon.
  • Ambasador Chris

    Ambasador Chris
    -Killed in attack in Benghazi
    -He had US Rebels
  • Free Fall Record Broken

    Free Fall Record Broken
    -Drops down from space
    -24 miles above New Mexico
  • Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong
    -He lost his title
    -The govener of cycleing sayed he was band for cycleing in races
  • Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy
    Happened at 7:00 a.m. in New York. Andrew Cuoino had to shut down two major tunnels and bridges.
  • Obama Wins Re-election

    Obama Wins Re-election
    Won at least 303 electoral votes. In Chicago, everyone started cheering when Obama won at 11:20 p.m.