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Nu'Est Timeline By: Lina Chen

  • Aaron Kwak

    Aaron Kwak
    Aaron was born and raised in L.A. California. His stage name is Aron and is the vocalist.
  • Hwang Min Hyun

    Hwang Min Hyun
    In Shanghai's romance MV, Min Hyun starred in Orange Caramel.He is the main vocal and center with the stage name Min Hyun.
  • Jr.

    Using the stage name Jr., Kim Jong Hyun became the leader of Nu'Est and is the rapper plus dancer. From wikipedia
  • Baekho

    Kang Dong Ho starred in After School's play Ur Love MV. He's the main vocalist and uses the name Baekho which means white tiger. It is said that After School's Uee gave him that stage name.
  • Ren

    Choi Min Ki, also known as Ren, is the Maknae or Mood maker. He was the back up dancer of After School's member boy.
  • Second Major Appearance, Unplanned

    Second Major Appearance, Unplanned
    Nu'Est performed the Shuffle Dance with After School at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun.
  • Introduction

    Pledis Entertainment intorduced Jr. as Nu'Est's leader and two more members, Minhyun and Aron.
  • Introduction 2

    Introduction 2
    Ren and Baekho, the final members of Nu'Est are finally introduced.
  • BUS!

    Nu'Est bus was spotted driving down the streets of Seoul. They were being interviewed about their single.
  • Face

    Nu'Est's music video for Face was finally released. It was revealed that the song was released by Swedish song writer Daniel Bergman.