Noah Webster

  • Born Oct.16 1758

    Noah Webster Jr. was born in 1758 by Noah Webster Sr. and Mercy Webster
  • Brother born

    Charles Webster born in 1762
  • When to South Middle school on 1763

    Noah webster attended South Middle school in 1763
  • Grandfather died in 1765

    Daniel Webster died in 1765
  • Meet Perkins, his new pastor that helped him get into Yale

    Noah Webster meet Perkins -his new pastor, that also tutored him and helped im get into Yale-, in 1772
  • Went to Yale in 1774

    Noah Webster went to Yale in 1774.
  • Grauated from Yale in 1778

    Noah Webster Graduated from Yale in !778
  • Became a school teacher

    Noah Webster became a school teacher right after he graduated Yale. He was interested in law, but did teaching to support himself.
  • Wrote a spelling book

    Noah Webster wrote a speeling book in 1783, called the "A Grammical Institute, In the English Language". It sold 5 thousand copies in one year.
  • Mother died

    Mercy Webster died October 5, 1794
  • Father died

    Noah Webster Sr. died November 9, 1813
  • Second brother died

    Charles Webster died in 1817
  • Oldest sister died

    Mercy webster died August 12, 1820
  • Second older sister died

    Jershua Webster died in 1826
  • Wrote the dictionary

    In 1828 Noah webster wrote the American Dictionary
  • Oldest brother died

    Abraham Webster died August 4, 1831
  • Noah Webster died May, 2 1843

    Noah Webster died May, 2 1843