Mitch albom

Mitch Albom

  • Born

  • First Class

    Mitch first meets his then-professor and future freind, Morrie Schwartz
  • Degree

    Mitch received his Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Brandeis University
  • Wins Associated Press Award for Best Sports News Story

  • Breaks it Big

    Moves to Detroit and becomes a prominent sports jounralist for the Detroit Free Press
  • Esatblishes the Dream Fund in Detroit

  • Marriage

    Marries his wife, Janine
  • A Chance Encounter

    A Chance Encounter
    Mitch happens to be flipping throught the television channels and sees Morrie being interviewed by Ted Koppel in regards to having ALS.
  • Tuesdays With Morrie is Published

    Tuesdays With Morrie is Published
  • Named National Hospice Organization's Man of the Year

  • Morrie: The Movie

    Oprah Winfrey produces a movie version of Albom;s famous novel, Tuesdays with Morrie