Mister Bones Dinosaur Hunter Time Line

  • Mister Bones is born.

    Mister Bones is born.
    Branum Brown was in Carbondale, Kansas, and grew up to be what some have called the "last of the great dinosaur hunters"
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    Mister Bones

  • Branum Brown gets a job.

    Branum Brown gets a job.
    Brown began his work as a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History under the tutelage of Henry Fairfield Osborn . Barnum Brown traveled the U.S. collecting and buying up fossils for the museum. He was known for using dynamite to coax fossils out of the rocks, and for being impeccably dressed while on digs
  • Barnum Brown's most famous find.

     Barnum Brown's most famous find.
    Barnum Brown's most famous fin His most famous discovery came out of the Hell Creek formation in Montana in 1902 when he found the first recorded remains of Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Big Finds

    Big Finds
    In one of its most significant finds, made in 1910, Brown's team uncovered several hind feet from a group of Albertosaurus collected in Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park.
  • mister bones dies

    mister bones dies