Mary Downing Hahn's Life

  • Mary Downing Hahn was born.

    Mary was born in Washington D.C
  • Mary goes to college.

    Mary goes to college at Maryland University.
  • Mary get married

    Mary marries William E. Hahn for her first marriage.
  • Mary divorces William

    Mary divorces William E. Hahn her first husband.
  • Mary gives birth to her first child.

    Mary gives birth to Pearce Jacob
  • Mary publishes her latest book.

    Mary publishes "Witch Trap"
  • Mary publishes "Deep, Dark, and Dangerous"

    Mary publishes her most famous book " Deep, Dark, and Dangerous".
  • Mary was photographed at the readers award banquet.

    Mary was photographed at the Readers Award Banqeut for her famous book "Deep and Dark and Dangerous".