By levi102
  • born on......

    born on......
    Marie was born on NOV/7/1867 in Poland. Found at
  • Mom died on

    Her mom died when Marie was only 12. Her dad was an atheist ; mom was a devout catholic. found at
  • marie & marraig?

    Around this time Marie was pland to marry Zorawski,but his parents rejected.Becase she was poor.
  • Marie v.s. poverty

    Marie was in near proverty,little to eatr just bread.She got out of it & got marryed to Pierre.
  • nobel prize

    nobel prize
    Marie gets the nobel prize for discovering polonium,& radium.
  • nobel prize twice?

    nobel prize twice?
    Marie got her 2nd prize for isolating a pure from of radium.
  • shcool

    Marie found a radium instute ,what is now the Marie Sktodowska-Curie institute of oncology.
  • movie!

    Hollywood made a movie about her live in 1933ish.
  • The end D:

    She died at 66 becase of 35 years of radiation exposure developed leukemia.
  • & today....

    Today she stell encourage people to day.