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Make It Stop - Rise Against

By Lawlett
  • Tim McIlrath is born!

    Tim McIlrath is born!
  • Period: to

    Make It stop

  • Graduation

    McIlrath attended Rolling Meadows High School.
  • Rise Against was formed.

  • Ryan Halligan

    Ryan Halligan
    Bullied online by classmates. Age 13.
  • "Real Deal"

    "Real Deal"
    Rise Against start talking about what people need to hear.
  • Jeffrey Johnston

    Bullied in person and online.
  • Rachael Neblett

    Age 17.
  • Megan Meier

    Megan Meier
    Age 13
  • Jesse Logan

    Jesse Logan
    Age 18.
  • Alexa Berman

    Age 14.
  • Hope Witsell

    Age 13.
  • Phoebe Prince

    Age 15.
  • Alexis Skye Pilkington

    Alexis Skye Pilkington
    Age 17.
  • Ashley Rogers

    Age 15.
  • Tim's Nephew

    Tim McIlrath's nephew's friend commited suicide. Tim decides it is a big problem and adresses it through song.
  • Tyler Clementi

    Age 18.
  • Samantha Kelly

    Age 14.
  • Septembers Children

    Septembers Children
    "The song was written inspired of the teen suicides in the month of September 2010, who were bullied for being homosexual. It deals about how people are treated from homophobic bullying and feeling so tormented that they feel there's no place for them in the future and that killing themselves is a better option. It was written by my nephew, who wrote it about his best friend. His friend had killed himself a week before it was written." - Tim McIlrath
  • Music Video

    Rise Against include people from the It Gets Better Project into their Music Video.