Ludwig van Beethoven Biography timeline

  • Birth and Baptism

    Birth and Baptism
    Beethoven was born and baptized on December 16, 1770. This happened in Bonn, Germany. He was the son of Johann van Beethoven, who was a violinist. He was also the oldest of three children. http://www.notablebiographies.com/Ba-Be/Beethoven-Ludwig-van.html
  • Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons
    Beethovens father had a dream that his son would be a musical prodigy, like Mozarts son. So he forced Beethoven to take piano lessons. He didn't like it at first, but it started to grow on him.
  • Assistant Organist

    Assistant Organist
    Since he was 12, he was a substitute organist for Prince Electoral's orchestra. Finally, he became the assistant http://www.favorite-classical-composers.com/beethoven-biography.html
  • Plays for Mozart

    Plays for Mozart
    In Vienna, Austria, Beethoven had the chance to play in front of Mozart, and he did. Mozart was impressed, but Beethoven had to rush home because his mother was dying. < Picture of Mozart
  • Moves to Vienna

    Moves to Vienna
    Beethoven moves to Vienna, Austria. Here, he studied with Joseph Hayden and other composers. http://www.notablebiographies.com/Ba-Be/Beethoven-Ludwig-van.html
  • First Public Performance

    First Public Performance
    Beethoven finally performed for the public. He played one of his own songs called "Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat".
  • Starts Noticing Hearing Loss

    Starts Noticing Hearing Loss
    Beethoven started to experience some hearing problems. His ears started to ring, along with other symptoms.
  • First Symphony

    First Symphony
    1st SymphonyThis is one of nine symphonies that Beethoven has completed. They say that each one represents a stage in his musical abilities.
  • Problems with Hearing Worsened

    The problems started worsening with his hearing. Beethoven even attempted suicide.
  • Composes 5th Symphony

    Composes 5th Symphony
    5th SymphonyThis is considered one of Beethovens greatest achievements. Composing this also helped him express his feelings about himself losing his hearing.
  • Completely Deaf

    Completely Deaf
    Beethoven was almost completely deaf by this time. His manners and appearence began to go downhill. http://www.favorite-classical-composers.com/beethoven-biography.html
  • 9th Symphony

    9th Symphony
    9th SymphonyThis is considered one of his greatest pieces ever written. It was a first example of a major composer using voices in a symphony, making it a vocal symphony.
  • Death

    Beethoven died at 57. He died in Vienna, Austria. He had four operations on his stomach, which eventually got infected. 20,000 people lined the streets for his funeral.