Lucille b

Lucille Ball

  • Birthdate

    Lucille Ball was born August 6th, 1911 in Jamestown NY.
  • Life lost

    Life lost
    Lucille Ball's father contracted typhiod fever eventually killing him while she was only three.
  • Together again

    Together again
    Whle her mother and step-father left her and her brother with their grandparents. They finally reunited and Lucy started going to New York City drama school.
  • More Opportunities

    More Opportunities
    Lucy started some modeling jobs but wanted to get more acting ones. so in the 1930 moved to Hollywood and died her hair chesnut blonde.
  • Long Career

    Long Career
    Lucy was in about 72 movies during her whole life such as a string of second-tier films that gave her the title "the Queen of B Movies"
  • Meeting Desi

    Meeting Desi
    On the set of the movie Dance,Girl,Dance they met and fell in love and eventually got married
  • New shows

    New shows
    Lucy still trying to become more than what she was, dyed her hair red and got the lead part in the radio comedy My Favorite Husband.
  • Desilu

    After CBS heard the radio comedy they offered a contract with to create a new show called I Love Lucy. Lucy agreed to but only with her real husband Desi to be in the show too. at first they denied but eventually agreed and Lucy and Desi agreed to a paycut on the shoot as long as they hads ownership rights and run it under there new production company called Desilu.
  • I love lucy

    I love lucy
    The was a hit it was called a sitcom like no other. It took Lucy and Desi's real marriage and put it on tv with funny storylines.
  • Fisrt Child

    Fisrt Child
    Lucy and Desi's first child Lucie was born.
  • Desi Jr.

    Desi Jr.
    On the show Lucy got pregnant and they had her have the character little Ricki which was one the same day she acctually gave birth to Desi Jr.
  • After Lucy

    After Lucy
    The show I Love Lucy ended in 1957 but Desilu porduced many more movies. Such as Star Trek and Mission Impossible.
  • Divorce

    In 1960 Lucy and Desi divorce and two years later Lucy remarries to Gary Morton. She buys out Desi and takes over Desilu being the first woman to run a major television production.
  • Still acting

    Still acting
    Even though I Love Lucy was over Lucy still was in good and popular shows like The Lucy Show.
  • Death

    Lucy Died of ruptured aorta..
  • Clip

    a little clip of I Love Lucy