Louis XIV of france

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  • louis was born

    louis was born
  • became king

    became king
    At age 5 Louis XIV became the king of France after his father Louis XIII died. The true ruler at this time was Cardinal Mazarin.
  • end of war

    end of war
    Cardinal Mazarin ended the Thirty Years’ War.
  • threats

    Violent anti- Mazarin riots tore France apart. Louis XIV’s life was being threatened by many of the nobles.
  • Cardinal Mazarin death

    Cardinal Mazarin death
    Cardinal Mazarin dies, at age 22 Louis XIV takes full control of France.
  • invation of spanish netherlands

    invation of spanish netherlands
    Louis XIV invades the Spanish Netherlands in an effort to expand Frances bounders.
  • army advances

    army advances
    Louis XIV leads and army into the Dutch Netherlands.
  • end of war

    end of war
    The war ends with the Treaty of Nijmegen.
  • attempt pervention of france expansion

    attempt pervention  of france expansion
    A European Wide alliance was formed to stop Frances expansion.
  • king of spain death

    king of spain death
    Charles II the childless king of Spain died and promised the throng to Louis XIV’s 16 year old grandson. This allied the two world superpowers by blood.
  • end of spanish war

    end of spanish war
    War of the Spanish Succession ended. The Treaty of Utrecht was signed. This treated prevented the unity of Spain and France.
  • Louis XIV's death

    Louis XIV's death
    Louis XIV died in his bed.