Louis XIV of France

  • Birthdate

    Born on September 5th 1683 in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye France
  • Became king

    Became king
    He became the king in 1643 after the death of his father (at the age of 4)
  • Fronde War

    Fronde War
    In 1648 he suffered through many hardships during his childhood such as poverty, starvation, due to the Fronde War (January 1650-September 1653)
  • Marriage

    Louis was married to the daughter of Spain (Marie-Therese) of Austria
  • Reformed France

    Reformed France
    After Cardinal Mazarin's death Louis took over the government by himself, started to reform France in 1661. At the age of 22
  • Invasion of Spanish Netherlands

    Invasion of Spanish Netherlands
    Louis went to war with Spanish to inherit the Spanish throne by invading the Spanish Netherlands in 1667.
  • Franco-Dutch War

    Franco-Dutch War
    (1672-1678) Louis engaged in the Franco-Dutch War after being dissatisfied of the outcome from the previous conquest
  • Canceled (Edict of Nantes)

    Canceled (Edict of Nantes)
    He had canceled the Edict of Nantes which helped protected the relgious freedom of Huguenots
  • Death of Louis XIV

    Death of Louis XIV
    He passed away in Versailles France, he had left a mixed legacy to his country after his death (1.France was the most powerful reckon in Europe, ranked above all European nations in art, literature, etc)