Louis L'Amour

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  • L'Amour is Born

    L'Amour is Born
    Seventh child of parents Louis Charles LaMoore and Emily Dearborn LaMoore. Born in Jamestown, North Dakota.
  • On the Move

    On the Move
    L'Amour and his adopted brother, John moved with their parents to various places in the South and the Pacific Northwest.
  • L'Amour Settles Down

    L'Amour Settles Down
    After running around the U.S. and to various other countries and having jobs anywhere from a merchant seaman to a boxer. He decides to change his name from LaMoore to L'Amour and tries to make a writer out of himself.
  • L'Amour is Paid for his Work

    L'Amour is Paid for his Work
    L'Amour had some success with poetry and a little writing and editing for the WPA Guide Book to Oklahoma previously, but finally is paid for writing a story called, "Anything For a Pal," published in "True Gang Life."
  • More Writing

    More Writing
    L'Amour start to appear regularly in pulp magazines.
  • Period: to

    L'Amour at War

    This is an approxiamate time period but he was discharged in 1946.
  • Discharged

    L'Amour is discharged after WWII ends.
  • L'Amour Published

    L'Amour Published
    L'Amour publishes the story Law of the Desert Born in the Dime Western Magazine and becuase of his contact with Leo Margulies he was featured regularly in Western pulp magazines.
  • Published Under His Real Name

    Published Under His Real Name
    L'Amour has his first novel, Westward the Tide, published under his real name by World Works Publishing.
  • Important Story

    Important Story
    L'Amour had his short story, The Gift of Cochise, printed by Colliers. John Wayne and Robert Fellows purchased screen rights to the story for $4,000 after reading it. The main character was changed from Ches Lane to Hondo Lane and a screenplay was written for the movie, "Hondo."
  • Hondo

    The movie, "Hondo," starring John Wayne as Hondo is released.
  • Period: to

    Success for L'Amour

    The early 60's through the 80's L'Amour had huge success and wrote 89 novels and over 250 short stories also over 320 million of his works have been sold as of 2010. He was published under Bantam Books, Gold Medal and others.
  • Honorary PhD

    Honorary PhD
    L'Amour is awarded an Honorary PhD by Jamestown College.
  • Awarded

    In 82' L'Amour was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by Ronald Reagan.
  • Awarded

    L'Amour receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • L'Amour's Death

    L'Amour's Death
    Louis died at his home in Los Angeles, California from lung cancer at the age of 80.
  • Autobiography

    In 1989 L'Amour's autobiography, Education of a Wandering Man, was published.