Louis Armstrong 1954-End of life

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  • Louis Armstrong plays W. C. Handy

    One of the best Albums he made
  • Louis Armstrong on What's My Line

    Even though he barely spoke, Louis was I.D. right away! Shows how famous he was
  • "Dig Man, there goes Mack the Knife"

    Recorded this hit with All Stars. Became #20 on Billboards pop chart
  • Film High Society

    With Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra. Musical comedy film directed by Charles Walters. Based on the play "The Philadelphia Story"
  • Ella and Louis

    Ella and Louis Album. Ella had Armstrong picked the tunes and the keys. (Verve records).
    Peterson Trio-Not All Stars
  • European Tours- Ambassador Satch (date appr)

    Armstrong became to be thought of an "ambassador" during his tour in Europe. vakian even recorded the album called Ambassador Satch during these tours.
  • Satchmo: A Musical Autobiography

    Armstrong's classics of the 20s and 30s!
  • Health Issues

    Heart attack in Italy. Recovered fairly quickly Late 50s=over worked chops
  • Broadcast of Dateline Boston-The Jazz Scene.

  • The Real Ambassadors (date appr)

    A jazz musical on racial issues and the music business.
  • Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington

  • Ed Sullivan Show appearances

    Ed Sullivan Show appearances
    “C Jam Blues and “In a Mellowtone”.

    Played with Duke Ellington
  • "Hello Dolly" is a hit!

    Hello, Dolly!: The single sold 3 million copies within the first 2 years became #1 on the chart (passing the Beatles)!
  • Out from heavy touring for good.

    Armstronf was in and out of the medical center until the following April. He stayed home with Lucille .
  • Louis Armstrong and his Friends: Final pair of albums

    Includes "What a Wonderful World".
  • Louis Armstrong dies of a heart attack

  • Lil Hardin Dies of a heart attack

    Lil Hardin was playing a memorial concert for Armstrong. She slide off the piano and died of a heart attack after playing the last chord of St. Louis Blues.
  • Lucille Dies

    Fourth wife of Armstrond dies- Never remarried