Logical Positivist Moritz Schlick (1882-1936)

By kmcgraw
  • Early life (1882-1910)

    Early life (1882-1910)
    Moritz Schlick was born on April 14, 1882, to a middle-class family in Berlin, Germany. A descendent of a German patriot on his mother's side, his grandfather Ernst Moritz Arndt lead the war of liberation against Napoleon.
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  • Academic pursuits and publications (1908-1921)

    Academic pursuits and publications (1908-1921)
    Schlick published a small volume focusing on eudaemonism in 1908 entitled Lebensweisheit, or "The Wisdom of Life," where he presents the theory that the most imperative ethical end is happiness. Additionally, in 1910, Das Wesen der Wahrheit nach der modernen Logik, or “The Nature of Truth According to Modern Logic,” was published. Within this essay, Schlick discusses the univocal nature of truth.
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  • The Ernst Mach Association is born (1922)

    The Ernst Mach Association is born (1922)
    In 1922, Schlick became a professor of the Inductive Sciences at the University of Vienna. It was there that a group of philosophers approached him, including the mathematician Hans Hahn, the physicist Philipp Frank, the social scientist Otto Neurath, his wife, the mathematician Olga Hahn-Neurath, the philosopher Viktor Kraft, and the mathematicians Theodor Radacovic and Gustav Bergmann, suggesting they convene to discuss the philosophy behind science.
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  • Murder of Moritz Schlick (1936)

    Murder of Moritz Schlick (1936)
    As Moritz Schlick ascended the steps into the University of Vienna to teach a class on June 22, 1936, Johan Nelbock shot him in the chest. The injury resulted in Schlick's death a few hours later. Amidst the growing Anti-Semetic view in Germany at the time, the increased hostility towards Jewish people, or those who sympathized with Jewish people, Schlick's death was tragically seen as a cause for celebration.
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