Robert frost

Life of Robert Frost

  • Born

    Robert Lee Frost is born in San Francisco
  • Graduated High school

    Frost graduates as co-valedictorian of Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He enrolls at Dartmouth College, but returns home after only a semester, to teach and work at various jobs.
  • First Poem Published

    Frost's first published poem, "My Butterfly: An Elegy," appears in the New York Independent. He receives fifteen dollars for his work.
  • Marries Elinor White

    Marries Elinor White
    Frost marries his Elinor Miriam White, his classmate and co-valedictorian at Lawrence High School.
  • Enrolls in Harvard

    Robert Frost enrolls at Harvard College, where he studies liberal arts.
  • Leaves Harvard

    Frost drops out of Harvard before he gets his degree because of his growing family
  • Starts Teaching

    Frost becomes an English teacher at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, a job he holds for the next five years.
  • Period: to

    Frost Teaches

  • Frost moves to England

    The Frost family moves to the United Kingdom in September. Frost befriends several literary notables, including Edward Thomas and Ezra Pound.
  • First Book Published

    First Book Published
    A Boy's Will, Frost's first book of poetry, is published in England. (The American edition appears two years later.)
  • Second Book Published

    Second Book Published
    Frost's second book of poetry, North of Boston, is published
  • Moves back to America

    The Frosts move back to the United States as World War I begins. They settle on another farm, this time in Franconia, New Hampshire.
  • Begins teaching again

    Frost begins the first of three teaching stints at Amherst College, which take place 1917-1920, 1923-1925, and 1926-1938.
  • Period: to

    Teaching at Amherst College

  • First Pulitzer Prize

    First Pulitzer Prize
    Robert Frost wins his first Pulitzer Prize for the poetry collection New Hampshire. It includes his famous poem "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening."
  • Second Pulitzer Prize

    Second Pulitzer Prize
    Frost wins his second Pulitzer Prize for his book Collected Poems.
  • Third Pulitzer Prize

    Third Pulitzer Prize
    Frost wins his third Pulitzer Prize for the poetry collection A Further Range.
  • Wife Dies

    Elinor Miriam White Frost, the poet's wife of 42 years, dies at the age of 65 from a heart attack
  • Fourth Pulitzer Prize

    Fourth Pulitzer Prize
    Frost wins his fourth and final Pulitzer Prize for the poetry collection A Witness Tree. In September, he begins a six-year appointment as the George Ticknor Fellow in the Humanities at Dartmouth College.
  • Reads at Inauguration

    Reads at Inauguration
    At the age of 86, Robert Frost reads at the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. Blinded by the harsh sunlight, he is unable to read "Dedication," the poem he prepared for the event. Instead, he recites his poem "The Gift Outright" from memory.
  • Dies

    Robert Frost dies in Boston at the age of 88 following complications from prostate surgery. He is buried at the Old Bennington Cemetery in Bennington, Vermont.