Life of Mary MacKillop

By lily s
  • Birthdate

    Mary Helen Mackillop was born to Catholic Scottish immigrants on 15 January, 1842 in the family home in Melbourne.
    She was the eldest of 8 children, and young Mary increasingly bore the responsibility for her father's failings as a provider for the large family
  • Period: to


  • Work

    At the ae of 14, Mary began work as a clerk for Sands and Kenny stationers in Melbourne. She remained there for 4 years
  • Moved to Penola

    At 18 years of age (1860), Mary moved to the small and private township of Penola in South Australia to take up the role of Governess to her cousins
  • St Josephs School was established in an old stable

  • Act of Substance- Mary wore black dress

  • Mary became the first Sister and Mother Superior

  • The Rule

    1) AN emphasis on poverty
    2) A dependence on divine providence
    3) No ownership of personal belongings as God would provide
    4) The Sisters would go wherever they are needed
  • Established communities in QLD

  • Mary returned to Adelaide

  • To Rome

  • Pilgrimage

  • From Rome

  • General Chapter of the Congregation

  • The Excommunication

  • Mary's Mother (Flora) Dies

  • Fr Woods dies

  • Mary Mackillop dies as Australia's first Saint