Life of David Beckham

  • Winning Early in Life

    Winning Early in Life
    At age 11, Beckham won the Bobby Charlton Soccer Schools National Competition.
    This event was a large contributer to the start of his alete soccer career.
  • Sweet Sixteen Success

    Sweet Sixteen Success
    At 16, Beckham left home and was playing for Manchester United training division.
    An event that helped him to eventually make the actual team (Manchester United).
  • Success

    Beckham made it onto the Manchester United club team.
    He was building himself into a better player.
  • Becoming Great

    Becoming Great
    Beckham became a full-time starter for Manchester United.
    He was creating a baseline for himself to be recruited to other, more popular and successful teams.
  • Being Recognized

    Being Recognized
    David Beckham was named the Professional Footballers' Association Young Player.
    David Beckham's name was starting to become more popular.
  • Marriage

    Victoria and David marry in a hotel close to Dublin in which OK! magazine paid $1.5 million for rights to pictures.
    His wedding was publicized and he was marrying another celebrity.
  • Signed to Madrid

    Signed to Madrid
    Beckham joined Real Madrid, they offered a better deal than Manchester United.
    Joining a rival team turned many of his previous fans away; however, Spain fell in love with Beckham.
  • Movie Time

    Movie Time
    "Bend it Like Beckham" was made in honor of him, and it was a huge sensation throughout Europe and the states.
    Beckham became a huge name.
  • Move to USA

    Move to USA
    Beckham received an excellent 5 year deal with LA Galaxy for $250 million.
    Within two days of Beckhams signing with LA Galaxy, more than 5,000 season tickets were sold.
  • Positive Publicity

    Positive Publicity
    Beckham became the face of Emporio Armani Underwear.
    His image was publicized and made him even more well-known.