LA Project

  • Daniel Hudson Burnham was born

    Burnham was born in Henderson, New York and raised in Chicago, Illinois
  • John Wellborn Root was born

    Root was born in Lumpkin, Georgia
  • Burnham and his family move to Chicago

  • Herman Webster Mudget (a.k.a. Dr. Henry Howard Holmes) is born.

    he was known in his childhood as having a preternatural fascination of death and morbid things, such as Jack the Ripper and his killings.
  • Burnham flunks both entrance exams to Harvard and Yale

    To some, Burnhams mind was a prosaic one, but he was one of the most imaginative people of his time.
  • Great Chicago Fire

    Provided a new start for Chicago, which caused a rapid growth of the city.
  • Burnham and Root officially become Burnham and Root

    They were both very pragmatic, and wanted to complete things in the most efficient way possible.
  • Burnahm marries Margaret Sherman

    "It was Chicago with its World's Fair which vivified the national desire for civic beauty." Daniel Burnham
  • Holmes marries Clara Loverling

    He eventually leaves her, but it is not an official divorce.
  • Root marries Mary Walker

  • Mary Walker dies of tuberculosis

  • Root marries Dora Monroe

    Dora Monroe was the sister of poet Harriet Monroe, whom loved Root more than her sister
  • Holmes moves to Englewood, Illinois

    He rented a quotidian shop, where he found his victims.
  • Holmes marries Myrta Belknap

    Holmes was able to mollify anybdy who had suspicions about him, as he was very obsequious. Myrta was so rapturous with him at the time, but eventually became jealous of other women he was talking with and depressed that he wouldn't pay her attention. They eventually had a daughter, Lucy.
  • Holmes buys land for his "hotel"

    His "hotel" is the site of most of his murders, with some he locked in a room that was filled with somnolent gas, which knocked them out and killed them.
  • Paris exposition

    The World's Columbian Exposotion was determined to out-do paris and the Eiffel Tower.
  • Chicago wins the bid for the World's Fair

  • Exposition Commitee appoints architechts for the fair.

  • Root dies

    Root dies of pneumonia, which was very deadly back then because their wasn't treatment for it.
  • Dedication day

  • George Ferris' Wheel is approved

    The Ferris Wheel was created to try and one-up the paris exposition, but to no avail. It was described by some as having "the redolent of newly constructed wood."
  • Opening day of the Columbian Exposition

  • Ferris' Wheel is completed

  • Mayor Harrison is assasinated

    The mayor is killed by Patrick Pendergast, who believed that killing him would free himself from sins.
  • Closing ceremony of the fair

    The Mayor was also payed tribute to.
  • Holmes is convicted

    Holmes is convicted of 27 counts of murder and hanged.
    “I was born with the devil in me,' [Holmes] wrote. 'I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing.”
  • Daniel Burnham dies

    “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood. Daniel H. Burnham”