Kimberly's Timeline

  • Born

  • Ronald Reagan was shot

  • Pope John Paul II was shot

  • Space shuttle exploded

  • Berlin Wall Fell

  • Gulf War

  • Finished High School at Nakina -->South Columbus High

    Date is not correct just the year
  • Married: only the year on here is correct

    Just year is correct
  • First Child; Lindsey Duncan was born

  • Princess Diana Death

  • Divorced: only the year is correct

  • Twin Towers Fell

  • Space Shuttle Exploded

  • Iraq War

  • Met current husband; only month and year is correct

  • Worked at Guideway Elem. School

  • Married Roger: only month and year is on here

  • 2nd child Kinsey was Born

  • Obama: First Black President

  • First Female Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton

  • William and Kate Marriage

  • Osama Bin Laden Death

  • Started working at Hallsboro Elem. School till Current

  • Pope BeneDict XVI resigned