Kerry Packer

  • Born

  • Kerry's older brother Clyde Packer fails the company

  • Clyde Packer and the father left the country permanently

  • Business LIfe Began

    Kerry's independent business life began after his father's death in 1974
  • Kerrys Portfolio

    As pointed out by internet news outlet Crikey if $100 million had been invested in the Australian sharemarket in September 1974 through a balanced portfolio of the top 200 companies, that portfolio would be worth a lot more than $6.9 billion in December 2005, possibly as much as $11 billion
  • Kerrys fortune

    In 1987 Packer made a fortune at the expense of disgraced tycoon Alan Bond.
  • Deposit of rubies was discovered on one of his properties.

  • He passed away