Karl Popper

  • Karl Popper's Birthday

    Karl Popper's Birthday
    Karl Popper was born in Vienna, Austria on July 28th 1902.
  • Logik der Forschung

    Logik der Forschung
    In 1935, Popper wrote his first book and had it published by the Vienna Circle of Logical Positives even though he disagreed with their outlook on science. This book was a collection of other series that he had written. He later translated the book in english in 1959 - "The Logic of Research". In this book he introduced the term falsification.
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  • Professor

    Popper fled Vienna, Austria to New Zealand after writing his first book, to escape the Nazis. In 1937 he bacame a philosophy professor at Canterbury University and wrote "The Open Society and Its Enemies". In 1946 Popper moved to England and became a professor of logic and the scientific method at the London School of Economics.
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  • Deceased

    Karl Popper died due to cancer, pnuemonia and kindney failure.