Julius Erving by Jeremy C.

By mrst
  • birth

    Julius Erving was born on Feb. 22, 1950 in Hamstead, Long Island
  • Father left family

    Father left family
    His dad left family so mom had to work harder to support 3 kids
  • Great baseketball skills

    Great baseketball skills
    By age 10 Julius was already playing on a salvation army team!
  • Julius is awesome!

    Julius is awesome!
    Julius played on a high school team in Roosevelt, playing in all-country teams and competing in state wide tournaments
  • Entering University of Massachusetts

    Entering University of Massachusetts
    Julius broke freshman records in scoring and rebounding, leading his team to an undefeated season!
  • Many Teams

    Many Teams
    Julius played for many different NBA teams, including, the Pheonix Suns, the Philadelphia Sixers, the New York Nets, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Utah Stars!