Johnny cash

johnny cashes life

  • johnny's birthday

    johnny's birthday
    this was the date when johnny cash was born. his parents named him J.R. Cash, as a mix between john and ray.
  • jack dies

    jack dies
    johnny's older brother jack dies. he was nearly cut in half by a table saw, after one week of suffering, he died. johnny partialy blames himself, because he had gone fishing that day and wasnt there to help his brother.
  • airforce

    this was the day that johny joined the airforce, he enlisted under the name john R. Cash.
  • johnny's first marriage

    johnny's first marriage
    johnny cash married vivian distin on this date
  • first record

    first record
    johnny and the tennessee two get there first record deal from sun records
  • drugs

    johnny cash begins abusing drugs. he had his first shot of morphine when he was eleven but it was for medical purposes. he started to abuse amphetamines at this date, and struggled with an addiction for a long time.
  • fire

    johnny's truck caught fire and burned down half of a national forest.
  • done for good

    done for good
    during a suicide attempt, cash claims that somthing spiritual happened to him. he quit alcohol and drugs for good.
  • one last song

    one last song
    This is the date when johnny cash recorded his last song "hurt". the song was originaly done by one of my favorite bands, nine inch nails.
  • gone forever

    gone forever
    this is the day that johnny cash died, do to respiratory problems from diabetes. he died at the age of 71.