John Lennon Life

  • John Lennon is born

    John Lennon is born
    John Lennon is born during a german air raid.
  • John Lennon and his dad

    John Lennon and his dad
    John gets taken by his dad and almost leave to New Zealand
  • Uncle George

    Uncle George
    John's Uncle George dies of a liver Haemmorage.
  • The Quarrymen

    The Quarrymen
    John Lennon Starts his first band, the Quarrymen
  • Guitarist

    Julia buys her son his first guitar
  • McCartney

    Lennon meets McCartney at Quarrymen Second concert
  • Mom Dies

    Mom Dies
    John Lennon's Mom dies after being hit by a car
  • Germany, the first

    Germany, the first
    The Beatles go to Germany to perform
  • Germany Again

    Germany Again
    Beatle members go to Germany for a second time
  • The last visit

    The last visit
    The Beatles go to germany for a last time
  • Ringo starts

    Ringo starts
    Ringo Starr joins the Beatles
  • Almost leaves

    Almost leaves
    John Lennon thinks about leaving the band
  • Manager Dies

    Manager Dies
    Manager, Brian Epstein Dies
  • Movie flop, song not

    Movie flop, song not
    The beatles make a tv movie, witch everyone hated, but the song I am the walrus awed them
  • John and Ono

    John and Ono
    John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in 1969
  • Period: to

    Singing Alone - Almost

    John lennon starts singing only with Yoko Ono, after he leaves the Beatles.
  • Bye Beatles

    Bye Beatles
    in September 1969 john leaves the beatles
  • The Second kid

    The Second kid
    John Lennon has a second child, Sean Lennon
  • Period: to

    Better Dad

    John Lennon vowed to be a better father, and retired from the music buisness until october 1980, two months before his death.
  • New album!

    New album!
    In november 1980, John Lennon released his last album, Double Fantasy.
  • Death day

    Death day
    Mark David Chapman shoots John in the back three times at the enterance to the Dakota, where Lennon lives, and kills him within 20 minutes. Shot : 10:50 PM Died : 11:07 PM
    John Lennon : 1940 - 1980