John keats

John Keats

  • John Keats Is Born

    Johnathan Keats is born to Thomas Keats and Frances Jennings Keats.
  • John Starts School

    John Clarke's School in Enfield
  • John's Father Dies

    Falls Off Horse And Fracture Skull
  • John's Mother Remarries and Disappears

    Marries William Rawlings
  • John's Mother Reappears

    Suffering from depression, rheumatism, and tuberculosis. John nurses her.
  • Keats Started Reading Lyrical Poetry

    Mainly Authored by Sir Edmund Spenser
  • John became a Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries

    Under tutelage of Thomas Hammond
  • Keats Publishes First Piece of Poetry

    On First Looking on Chapman's Homer
  • Keats is convinced that he only has 3 years to live

    Is very ill with tuberculosis
  • Keats Dies

    25 Years Old