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John Dewey's Life

  • Birth

    John Dewey was born on this date
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    John Dewey's Life

  • Dewey Began Teaching

    John Dewey was an excellent example in the field of philosophy. One of his biggest achievements was being a leader in the field of progressive education in the United States. Dewey was a pioneer in the field and wanted to help the sorely lacking education system in the United States
  • Dewey's Contribution in Pragmatism

    Dewey was one of the founders of the idea of Pragmatism, which was a turning point in the way people saw Philosophy from a dull outlook to a more natural way of thinking which rose from adapting to mankind and the environment we thrive and live in.
  • Writing Published Books

    Dewey was an accomplished writer with many entries of different topics regarding psychology and many other topics. He was revered for his works on the progressive idea for education and what it would become. He was also one of the few people who started the movement towards democracy. Dewey changed the way we look at life.
  • Publishing of Democracy and Education

    Dewey, John. Democracy and Education : An Introd. To the Philosophy of Education. Free Press, 1916.
  • The Release of Experience and Nature

    Dewey, John, et al. Experience and Nature. Internet Archive, George Allen And Unwin, Limited, 1929, archive.org/details/experienceandnat029343mbp. Accessed 21 Nov. 2021. ‌
  • Release of Experience and Education

    Dewey, John. Experience and Education. New York, Free Press, 1938.
  • Death

    Dewey's life had been one of many accomplishments and popular works that were adapted into the world we know now. He was an icon of not only the progressive education system but the thought of democracy, which he believed was a staple in mankind. Dewey's works are still used to this day and he is revered by many for the knowledge and understanding he helped to give the world. Dewey's legacy will live on forever.