John Cabot's Life

  • Jan 1, 1450

    John Cabot Is Born

    John Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy in about 1450
  • Period: Jan 1, 1450 to Mar 28, 1498

    John Cabots Timespan

  • Jun 7, 1451

    A spanish explorer wrote a letter

    Aspanish explorer wrote a letter to England saying he found a ship of theirs in the Bahamas so people think it could of been John Cabot missing ship.
  • May 3, 1461

    John Cabot Moves To Venice

    John Cabot moves to Venice with his family and does a family spice trading buisness. He also studied cartography, navigation,astronomy mathematics and seamanship.
  • Apr 4, 1470

    John Cabot gets accepted into the religous confraternity

    John Cabot gets accepted into the reigios confaternity.
  • Jul 6, 1470

    John married

    Late 1470-1480 John Cabot married a woman named Mattea and had 3 sons lewis, Sebastion, and sencio.
  • Mar 28, 1476

    John Cabot obtained

    John Cabot obtained venetion citizenship and was naturalized on march 28,1496
  • Sep 5, 1484

    John moves again

    John Cabot moves to Bristol England that wich he decied to call him self Joh Cabot the English version of his name.
  • Dec 23, 1496

    The being of the discovery

    In 1496 English King Henry hires John Cabot to explore. Just like Columbus and Megellan
  • May 2, 1497

    John Cabot saling

    In 1497 John Cabot set sail from Bristol in England, in "Mathew" a ship less than 70 feet long, with a crew of 18 men
  • May 28, 1498

    John is never heard of agian

    In 1498 John Cabot set sail once again this time with five ships John Cabot disappeard in a bad storm in the ocean and never to been seen