Jesse James

  • Jesse's Birth

    Jesse's Birth
    Jesse Woodson James was born in Keaney, Missouri. Jesse was born to Robert and Elizabeth James. He was the second of three children (Healey 7, 28-29).
  • Period: to

    Jesse James

  • Franklin Pierce becomes President

    Franklin Pierce becomes President
    Franklin Pierce is sworn in as the newst President. Franklin was the 14th president of the United States. Two months before taking his oath as President, his wife and son were killed in a train wreck (Surge 7-11).
  • Jesse joins the army

    Jesse joins the army
    At age 16, all men were forced into the army. Jesse was put into war at the same time as his brother, Frank. They both fought in the Civil War (Hudson).
  • The first bank robbery

    The first bank robbery
    Jesse James and his gang planned and robbed their first bank. The robbery was successful, and the entire gang got away without being caught. Luckily there were also no injuries with anyone in the gang (Montgomery).
  • Georgia re-enters the union

    Georgia re-enters the union
    Georgia becomes the last of the confederate states to join the union. Georgia was re-entered into the union two years after South Carolina. When the union first began, Georgia was the fourth state to enter the union, but now the last to re-enter the Conferderate Union (Hudson).
  • Persian War starts in France

    Persian War starts in France
    The Halian troops led by Giuseppe Garibaldi fought in the Persian war. The war was fought between the Germans and the French. The Germans won this war. Exact date unknown (Hudson).
  • Jesse gets married

    Jesse gets married
    Jesse got married at age 27. He married his first cousin, Zerelda Zee. Zee was a nurse in the war and when Jesse had been badly hurt Zee took care of him (Walker 16-27).
  • Andrew Johnson Dies

    Andrew Johnson Dies
    Andrew Johnson, the 17th President, died at age 66. His death was caused by a sudden stroke. He was buried in the Andrew Johnson National Cemetary (Hudson).
  • Unsuccessful Robbery

    Unsuccessful Robbery
    Jesse and his gang had their first unsuccessful robbery. Many of the gang members were injured, making it easier for them to be caught. In the end, only Jesse and his brother Frank were left (Mongomery).
  • Jesse's children are born

    Jesse's children are born
    Jesse and his wife gave birth to twin sons. At birth, both of his sons were weak and very sick. Their names were Gould and Montgomery. Exact date unknown (Surge 7-11).
  • The Statue of Liberty appears in France

    The Statue of Liberty appears in France
    The head of the Statue of Liberty was displayed for the first time in a park in Paris, France. From then on, it traveled around the world until it was finally placed on Ellis Island, New York. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United states from France. Exact date unknown (Hudson).
  • Anglo-Afghan war begins again

    Anglo-Afghan war begins again
    The second Anglo-Afghan war begins. This war began because British troops were invaiding Afghanistan's territories. Though there was no clear-cut winner of this war, many will argue that the British won. Exact date unknown (Hudson).
  • Jesse's new gang is put together

    Jesse's new gang is put together
    Jesse James put another gang together. He found a lot of men, but after several months of searching, Jesse had reciuted 5 new men into his gang. All of the new men in the gang had a past criminal history. Frank was still part of the gang. Exact date unknown (Walker 16-27).
  • First robbery for the second gang

    First robbery for the second gang
    The new James gang planned their first train robbery. They robbed a train belonging to the Chicago and Alton Railroad at Glendal, Missouri. The gang stole $6,000 and to get away they all split up, having only one of the groups taking the money with them (Walker 16-27).
  • The new recrut messes up, big time

    The new recrut messes up, big time
    One of the new recruts who had the $6,000 from the train robbery flaunted about all of the money they stole. Eventually, the police found of that they had the money. The men holding the money were arrested, and while being interrogated they released that names of the other gang members. The police went after the rest of the gang. Exact date unknown (Healey 7, 28-29).
  • Jesse's Death

    Jesse's Death
    Jesse James was shot in his own home. He was shot by Robert Ford. Jesse James was only 34 years old when he was killed (Healey 7, 28-29).