jason aldean

  • born

    born to barry and debbie in macon, ga
  • mom and dad divorced

    His mother and father got a divorce and he spent days with his mom
  • Jason started singing

    Jason started singing
    he was inspired by CMT.
  • moved

    Jason moved to Nashville, Tennesee, when he was 21.
  • got married

    got married
    Jason married Jessica.
  • first daughter was born.

    first daughter was born.
    Jason and Jessica had there first child, Keeley Williams.
  • kid

    Had his first child when he was 27.
  • Second Album

    His second album Relentless came out
  • There second daughter

    There second daughter
    Jason and Jessica had there second daughter
  • Jason Aldean relesed Wide Open

    Jason Aldean released his song Wide Open on April 7th 2009.
  • Perfomance

    Jason performed at the LSU Tiger stadium.
  • Duet

    jason did a duet in Nashville with Carrie Underwood.
  • Released My Kinda Party

    Released My Kinda Party
    Jaosn released the album "My Kinda Party."
  • still

    he stilll sings