James "Whitey" Bulger

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  • Birth

    James Bulger, nicknamed "Whitey" for his blond hair, is born as the second of six children to his Irish immigrant parents James Sr. and Jane "Jean" Bulger living in Dorchester.
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    Life of Whitey Bulger

  • Welcome to Southie

    Welcome to Southie
    The Bulger's move into a housing project in Southie.
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    Air Force

    Bulger serves in the Air Force.
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    First Prison Term

    Whitey is convicted for his involvement with three bank robberies and is sentenced to 20 years in Leavenworth, but serves his final stretch of time in Alcaltraz after plotting a prsion escape.
  • *Political Beginnings

    Bulger's younger brother, William, is elected to the state House of Representatives. At the same. John Connolly, a childhood friend from South Boston works on his campaign.
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    *Paul Rico

    Gangster Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi develops a relationship with Boston FBI agent H. Paul Rico using the code name "Jack from South Boston", informing on member from New England mafia of Providence.
  • Release

    Whitey returns to Southie to become the top lieutenant to Winter Hill Gang head, Howie Winter.
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    Bulger's only known son, Douglas G. Cyr, is born to Whitey and former legal secretary Lindsey Cyr. He dies at six years old from an allergic reaction to aspirin.
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    Bulger partners with Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi after he splits from New England mafia boss Francis "Cadillac Frank" Salemme.
  • Mistaken Identity

    Associates claim Whitey shot Donald McGonagle in South Boston, mistaking him for his twin brother Paul, who was later charged for the killing in 1974.
  • Providing Information

    As recommended by Flemmi, Bulger cuts a deal with John Connolly to give information on the Italian Mafia in exchange for FBI protection.
  • Horse Racing

    Horse Racing
    After Bulger and Flemmi are implicated in a horse race fixing scheme, FBI agents Conolly and Morris get the two left out of the indictment. However Howie Winter is one of the people charged, and his conviction gives Bulger and Flemmi the opportunity to take control of the Winter Hill Gang.
  • Planting a Bug

    Bulger and Flemmi assist the FBI in planting a survellance bug in the North End HQ of Boston mafia boss, Gennero Anguilo.
  • Henchman Murder

    Bulger and Flemmi allegedly gun down a former henchman in broad daylight in South Boston to prevent him from revealing information on the Winter Hill Gang's previous murder of Roger Wheeler.
  • Ordered Killing

    Flemmi and Bulger ordered Hill Gang hitman John Martorano, to kill John Callahan.
  • Disappearance

    On the eve of his indictment for racketerring charges, Bulger disappears with his longtime girlfriend Teresa Stanley afte being tipped off by FBI handler agent John Connolly. Bulger later swaps Teresa for Quincy dental hygeinist Catherine Greig. He becomes second to Osama Bin Laden on the FBI's most wanted list with a $2 million bounty. The indeictment comes down in January.
  • *Connolly's Arrest

    John Connolly is convicted of Racketeering for warning Bulger, Flemmi, and Salemme of their upcoming indictment in January 1995.
  • *William's Testimony

    William testifies before a Congressional Court investigating the FBI's ties to mobster informants such as his brother Whitey. After receiving personal immunity, he admits recieving a call from his brother soon after he fled, however having not heard from him since, he claims to know nothing of his whereabouts.
  • *International Investigation

    The FBI investigates leads and Whitey Bulger look-alikes in at least 19 different countries.
  • *Old Video

    Authorities release 26 year old footage of Whitey Bulger hoping that someone will recognize his mannerisms.
  • *Couple Video

    *Couple Video
    The FBI releases footage of a couple resembing Whitey and his girlfriend Catherine in Italy.
  • *Connolly's Murder Charge

    John Connolly is convicted of second degree in the murder of John Callahan as the prosectution argues that information he provided was critical to the hit. (See "Ordered Killing")
  • Finding Greig

    Finding Greig
    The FBI announces a plan to target Greig in an effort to find Bulger.
  • Capture

    Within hours of the FBI releasing a new public service anouncement Bulger and Greig are captured in a Santa Monica, California apartment loaded with guns and cash.
  • Greig's Plea

    Greig pleads guilty to helping Bulger evade capture for 16 years.
  • Greig's Sentence

    Greig, today 62, is sentenced to eight years in prison for harboring a fugitive, although her attonory says that she claims not to regret her decision to help the man she loves stay on the run.
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    Bulger's Trial

    Whitey is convicted of racketeering and other crimes, including extortion, conspiracy, money-laundering and drug dealing. The jury believed him to be guilty of 11 of the 19 murders. Sentencing is set for November 13th.