James Otto

  • Birth

    James Otto was born on July 29, 1973 on the Fort Lewis Army Base in the state of Washington. He first took up singing at age two and later learned to play violin and saxophone.
  • Instruments

    Vocals, and rhythm guitar
  • Birthday Wish

    However, he wanted to learn to play guitar as well, and at age thirteen, he received a guitar for his birthday.
  • Surviving the Navy

    Otto joined the United States Navy, where he served for two years.
  • Begening

    Otto began his career on Mercury Nashville Records in 2002.
  • Singles

    "The Ball"
  • More Singles

    "Long Way Down" "Days of Our Lives"
  • More Singles

    "Sunday Morning" and "Saturday Night"
  • More Singles

    "Just Got Started Lovin' You"
  • More Singles

    "For You" "These Are the Good Ole Days
  • More Singles

    "Since You Brought It Up"
  • More Singles

    "Groovy Little Summer Song" and "Soldiers & Jesus"
  • Still Alive

    Still singing.