James Naismith

Timeline created by ihes52
  • Born

    James Naismith was born in Almonte, Mississippi Hills, Canada
  • McGill

    James Naismith goes to college at McGill university at Montreal
  • McGill

    James Naismith graduated from McGill university with a Bachelor of Arts.
  • Invent

    James Naismith invents the sport of basketball.
  • Married

    James Naismith got married to Maude Evelyn Sherman.
  • Job

    He worked as the athletic director for the University of Kansas.
  • Olympics

    Basketball became an official Olympics sport.
  • Wife Died

    James Naismith's wife, Maude Naismith died.
  • Olympics

    James Naismith handed out all the medals to the winning basketball teams
  • Invent

    James Naismith designs the first football helmet.
  • Marriage

    James Naismith married his second wife, Florence B. Kincaid.
  • Death

    James Naismith died of a major brain hemorrhage in Lawrence, Kansas.