Ian Hacking

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  • Ian Hacking Born

    Ian Hacking was born in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada on February 18, 1936.
  • Ian Hacking Education

    Ian Hacking Education
    Hacking received undergraduate degrees at both the University of British Columbia and the University of Cambridge. Hacking pursued at BA in mathematics and physics in 1956 at UBC and He then went on to receive his PhD at Cambridge in 1962 in Moral Sciences.
  • The Emergence of Probability

    Ian Hacking published The Emergence of Probability in 1975, in which he documented the development of probability. Hacking stated that probability had both an epistemic aspect having to do with degrees of belief, and also an ontological aspect having to do with the randomization of devices such as coins or dices in number trials. Hacking stated that probabilities are theories used to establish degrees of belief and that statistics are experiments that might validate these some of these theories.
  • The Taming of Chance

    Hacking published The Taming of Chance in 1990. In this publication, Hacking argues for the "erosion of determinism" to make room for genuine chance. Hacking stated that one of the most decisive conceptual event of twentieth century physics was the realization that the world is not deterministic. In other words the past does not exactly predict what is to come next.
  • Molson Prize

    In 2001, the Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prize was awarded to Ian Hacking. Hacking being considered to be among the top rank of philosophers throughout the world. Hacking has won other awards such as the Killam Prize for the Humanities (2002), Companion of the Order of Canada (2004), Balzan Prize (2014), and many others.