H.W. Longfellow and Romantism

  • Horace Walpole Published "Castle of Otranto"

    A large part of th Romanticism movement, was the gothic romantics. This was the first novel of gothic romance.
  • Period: to

    Romanticism Period

    This was a period of literary and cultural movements in Europe and America. It was seem as a rebelion to the Age of Reason and it's values.
  • Johann Goethe Publishes "The Sorrows of Young Werther"

    This book by german author Johann Goethe was the book that started and inspired many books in the Romantic Period.
  • Lord Byron Published "Chiulde Harold's Pilgrimage"

    One key element of Romaticism was the exotic factor. This novel inspired more exoticness is literature of the time then any other novel.
  • Percy Shelley Published "Ozymandias"

    A sonnet written by Percy Shelley about how all kings, no matter how great will fade and no longer have glory, as will there empire.
  • Mary Shelley Publishes Frankenstein

    Mary Shelley's first book, when she was only 21, is now one of the best known stories of all time. It tells the tale of an unorthodox creature that came of a scientific experiment.
  • Percy Shelly Publishes "Prometheus Unbound"

    A romantic 4 act drama written to stimulate the imagination of the reader of audience member.
  • Mary Shelley Publishes "Mathilda"

    Mary Shelley's second nove, "Mathilda" deals with the common romantic themes of incest and suicide.
  • Mary Shelley Publishes "The Last Man"

    Set in a futuristic world, this book is a science fiction story of society being destroyed by a plague. It has many characters based of late romantic figure, such as the late Lord Byron.
  • Longfellows First Book-Outre Mer

    Soon after his first marriage, he published his first book. Outre Mer, meaning overseas.
  • Longfellow Marries Mary Storer Potter

    He married his former classmate Mary Potter and traveled Europe with her. This inspired his first book Outre Mer.
  • Percy Shelley Published "Masque of Anarchy"

    Written in 1819 after the Peterloo Masaque it is one of the first modern statements of the principal of nonviolence.
  • Mary Potter Died

    His first wife died in miscarriage November of 1835. He would spend the next year griefstricken in Germany, and later in 1836 would acceeeeept a teaching position at Harvard, coming back to America.
  • Longfellow's FIrst Collection of Poems

    After working at Harvard for 3 years, Longfellow published his first collection of poems called "Voices in the Night".
  • Longfellow's Second Poem Collection

    Longfellow published "Ballads and other Poems" shortly after "Voices of the Night". Many of the poems in this collection were inspirational about people overcoming problems in a newly developing nation.
  • Longfellow Marries Frances Appleton

    Frances Appleton at first would not accept Longfellows proposal, but when she evventually did they would be happily married for 18 years.
  • Longfellow Publishes "Evangeline"

    After his 2nd marriage, Longfellow was very happy and wrote this happy book length poem that was later called an "ethnicallly cleansing" poem.
  • Henry David Toreau Publishes "Civil Disobedience"

    This is an essay about resistance to civil government. It states that individuals should not permit governements to make desicions for them.
  • Longfellow Quit Teaching

    In 1854 Longfellow decided to quit teaching and devote his life to writing.
  • Henry David Thoreau Publishs "Walden"

    "Walden" or "Life in the Woods" is a book written about the two years Thoreau spent in a cabin alone near Walden Lake. This was a social experiment, a decleration of independance and a spiritual journey for Thoreau.
  • Henry David Thoreau Publishes His Last Two Essays

    "The Last Days of John Brown" and " The Succession of Forest Trees" were Thoreau's last two published works. They both showed the i mprotance of nature and the conduct of life, two very important romantic topics.
  • Paul Revere's Ride

    Longfellow published his famous poem "Paul Revere's Ride" right before the civil war started in 1861.