History of Rock and Roll Timeline

By rcsz
  • When Littel Richard was born.

    He was born in Macon,Georgia,US and he birth name is Richard Wayne penniman.
  • Elvis was born

    Elvis was born on January 8th 1935. He was called the king of Rock and was the first white Rock and Roll artist.
  • Rock and Roll was named

    Allan Freed a radio DJ gave Rock and Roll its name.
  • Micheal Jackson was born

    Micheal Jackson ws born in 1958. He was very popular even as a child because he was in a band called Jackson 5.
  • Mowtown was founded

    Mowtown records was founded by Berry Gordy in Detroit. Back in the day it was called the Mowtown Sound
  • Buddy Holly died

    Buddy Holly died in a plane crash. He was a very influencial artist and it was a huge shame that he died.
  • The Animals

    The Animals came in 1963-1983 as part of the british invation to the US.
  • The Beatles came

    The Betales came to America in 1964. This was the start of the British Invasion.
  • When Elvis died.

    It was a shame thart Elvis died. He was such a amazing singer and a influentional artist.
  • MTV was founded

    In 1980 MTV (Music Television) was created. And to this day it is still inthe running and very popular.