Thomas Kuhn

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  • Thomas Kuhn

    Thomas Kuhn
    Thomas Kuhn was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 18, 1922 and died in Cambridge, Mass on June 17, 1996. Thomas Kuhn focus on physics which he earned a master's degree in 1946. He then obtained his Ph.D. in the history of science in 1949. Kuhn was famous for his theory on paradigm. It was one of the most influential works of history and philosophy ever written in history. He argued that scientific research and thoughts are defined by paradigms or world views.
  • The Structure of Scientific Revolution

    The Structure of Scientific Revolution
    Thomas Kuhn was well known for his book called The Structure of Scientific Revolution which was published in 1962. Kuhn figured that observing and using logic alone cannot determine changes. He propose a paradigm for scientist to move from one paradigm to the next. A new complete perspective of theory and questions from the previous proposal. Almost everything written about science by philosophers, historians, and sociologist has been impacted by it.
  • Paradigm

    In conclusion Thomas Khun's proposal was for scientist to open up their minds, options, or for lack of better term, keep seeking new alternatives to each and every theory. Paradigm is a whole new way of conducting science which consist of theories, research ideas, analyzing data and the standards for what is deemed as a recognizable contributions to a field. A shift in the paradigm alters the fundamental concepts underlying research and inspire new standards of evidence, new research techniques.
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