Hatchet, Gary Paulsen, Fiction, 189

  • Chapters 1-6, 1-64

    Brian Robeson was flying to see his dad. His parents got a divorce and that's all he can think about. Suddenly, the pilot has a heart attack and dies, leaving Brian to fly and land the plane himself.Brian also talks about "the secret". He saw his mother kissing a strange man in the car. Brian then attempts to make his new area work.
    Pages: 1-64 Total:(469)
  • Chapters 7-15, 65-141

    Brian thinks about "the secret" and tries finding food. He eats turtle eggs one day. Brian changes his attitude over time. Brian starts fishing. Brian starts measuring time by events not by hours and everything.
    Pages: 65-141 Total:(545)
  • Chapters 16-Epilogue, 142-189

    A tornado comes through Brian's camp. Brian remembers the survival pack the pilot mentioned and he goes and retrieves it. When he comes back from the lake, he discovers the pilot's flesh eaten. Brian is found after going through the survival pack and finding an emergency transmitter. Til this day Brian has never told his dad about "the secret".
    Pages: 142-189 Total:(592)