Ha's Year of Change

By aoshea
  • Ha's family celebrates Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.

  • Ha's father has been missing for 9 years.

  • Ha's birthday. She is 10.

  • Ha's mother decides they must leave Saigon.

  • Ha's family boards a crowded boat with other refugees.

  • Ha's family must ration food and water on the boat.

  • An American boat intercepts and saves the refugee boat.

  • Ha's family waits in Guam for their next move.

  • Ha's mother chooses to go to America.

  • Ha's family arrives in Alabama, sponsored by a church.

  • Ha's family moves into their new home.

  • Ha starts school in Alabama.

  • Ha's family is harassed by neighbors. She faces bullies at school.

  • Ha's teacher helps the class learn about Vietnam.

  • Ha continues to be bullied by classmates.

  • There's still no word about Ha's missing father.

  • Ha's family accepts that their father is dead.

  • Tet. A New Year, and Ha's family hopes it's better.